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Tax Solutions
for foreign FI's

Finally, a withholding tax solution for foreign financial entities serving Israeli residents. 

Foreign broker or a bank?

We stand as the sole company in Israel granted permission by the Tax Authority to provide an unparalleled service. Our unique offering involves the deduction of taxes from trading accounts in international capital markets and the subsequent generation of Form 867, exclusively tailored for individuals residing in Israel.

Monthly tax withholding

Our cloud-based tax solutions offer modernization and efficiency to your tax processes. With real-time access to your tax data and powerful analytics tools, we can create the most powerful tax solution for your clients residing in Israel.

867 Form

Issuing an annual form 867 exempts your clients in Israel (in many cases) from submitting a yearly report to the income tax.

Professional, reliable and accurate service

Our team is dedicated to crafting a bespoke solution for you, ensuring seamless system integration. We go beyond by offering a comprehensive taxation solution for end customers, backed by round-the-clock service and professional liability expertise.

Who is it for?

The solution is for financial entities located outside of Israel and serving customers who are Israel's residents.
The non-deduction of the tax often creates an obstacle for those end customers since it requires them to perform the tax calculations themselves, which is considered relatively complex.
With Hybrid, any financial entity will be able to provide a withholding tax service as if it were an Israeli entity, and its clients will be free of tax liability for their investment accounts.

This is a must-have solution for any foreign financial entity that serves Israeli clients.

  • What is witholding tax?
    Withholding tax is the deduction and payment of income tax on the client's profits from capital market activity, when the activity is carried out. We as a company deduct the tax at the rates required by law and transfer it directly to the tax authorities.
  • Why is form 867?
    This is a certificate that is issued after the end of the tax year and is used to report to the tax authority about a person's profits and/or losses from carrying out operations in deposits, securities - including interest, profits that were distributed (dividends) and the tax deducted at source in that tax year, according to the months of activity. Form 867 is correct for the same account. If the customer has several accounts in which he operates, then 867 will be required from each account separately.
  • When is Form 867 issued to the customer for withholding tax?
    The form is issued by our company once at the end of a calendar year. This form aggregates all the withholding tax deductions made by our company for the client in that tax year.
  • What types of income in the capital market are subject to withholding tax?
    Withholding tax applies to capital gains from the sale of securities, profits from derivative financial instrument transactions (options, futures contracts, etc.), income from deposits, interest and profits (dividends), etc., generated by a person resident in Israel in foreign financial institutions, in accordance with the law.
  • Is it required to pay additional tax beyond the withholding tax for an investment account?
    In most cases, the payment of the tax withheld at source constitutes the exhaustion of the tax liability for this activity.
  • Who is responsible for reporting the withholding tax to the tax authorities?
    We, as the company responsible for calculating and withholding tax, report this directly to the tax authority and transfer the deducted tax amounts. The customer receives form 867 from us as proof of the tax deduction.
  • Are there any exceptions or tax benefits regarding trading in the capital market?
    Yes, there are a number of exceptions and tax benefits for investors in the capital market, which depend on the type of investment, the size of the investment, benefits related to the client's age, additional tax and more. It is recommended to consult with an accountant and/or tax advisor in this regard. It should be emphasized that the 867 form that the company produces is according to a fixed calculation detailed in the law and which does not individually consider a specific customer. Form 867 issued by our company does not come to replace tax coordination and whenever there is or may be an individual benefit and/or a specific aspect concerning the client, it is recommended to consult with an accountant in order to exhaust the tax benefits you are entitled to.
  • Who is our company's service suitable for?
    For a single customer (person), a resident of Israel who trades abroad through a broker or a foreign bank.
  • Do withholding tax and form 867 completely eliminate the need to submit an annual report to the tax authorities?
    In the vast majority of cases, withholding and generating Form 867 is sufficient. At the same time, there are cases where the aforementioned is not enough and the taxpayer will still be required to submit an annual report, such as cases where the taxpayer is self-employed, assets abroad above a certain amount, annual income above a certain amount, high sales turnover from securities traded on the stock exchange, etc. It is recommended to consult an accountant account and/or tax advisor in order to examine the aforementioned according to your personal data.
  • How can I check the amount of tax deducted from my trading account?
    The amount of withheld tax can be checked through your trading statements in your account.
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